What I worry about!

A man recently suggested that America must be great for me because I’m a doctor. So why did I vote for Trump? He’s right, America was and still is great for me. It let me grow from a rural one room county school to college, medical school and allowed me the privilege of serving as a physician in the US Air Force and become a pediatrician, an author, and most importantly the father of four great kids.

I’m not concerned about me!

I’m concerned about the kids in the inner cities who have so little opportunity to get a good education and their older brothers who can’t find jobs and that more of them are in jail than in college.

I worry about their sisters who look for love by having babies, and the lives of desperation they live.

I worry about parents who lose custody of their kids because they are addicted to drugs – I see these kids every day.

I am concerned for the people who have to pay thousands of dollars for health care insurance and have multi-thousand dollar deductible.

I worry about the grandparents who have little retirement and have to care for their grand kids whose parents are drug addicted.

I get concerned when citizens who disagree with a politician are called “deplorable and irredeemable” and an even higher leading politician blames them for “holding on to their bibles and guns.”

I am offended when Christian kids are not allowed to pray in schools, yet work places are required to have Muslim prayer rooms and rugs. I am not faulting the Muslims, but blaming the US Courts who rule so recklessly against Christians. 

I am very upset when I hear that one million babies are killed in the USA each year at the request of the person who should love and care for them the most – their own mothers.

I am concerned that children who are filled with awe and wonder when they learn that a mother grows a baby “in her tummy” will be shocked to learn, a few months later, that a mother can legally have the baby killed before it’s born. I am troubled because these kids will grow up with little concern for life which feeds violence and causes them to not feel guilt, shame, or remorse if they take a life. 

I am concerned that we live in a culture of death. Death is celebrated in movies, on TV and worse of all in video games. No wonder we have become so violent.

I know that billions of dollars have been thrown into the “War on Poverty” and that it has failed. I know too, that something different must be done!

After careful thought and compassionate prayer I believe it’s time for real governmental change and that Donald Trump is the person who can change it.

Please pray for his success and work with him to make America great for everyone, again! 

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