What do you do if you hate to exercise?

Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Shanghai Institute of Cancer are ganging up on those who do not like to exercise. In a study of almost 75 thousand Chinese women they found that women who exercised during adolescence had a decreased risk of dying from cancer or heart disease in middle age.

They described exercise as at least one hour of physical activity once a week for three continuous months. Not too vigorous, but those who participated in team sports profited with longer life spans.

In addition, they found that exercising as an adult as well as a teen yielded even better results.  These women experience a 20% reduction of death by all causes, 17% reduction in cardiovascular deaths, and a 13% reduction in death from cancer. They assume that difference would also be found in men who were physically active as teenagers.

So, what should you do if you hate to exercise? In a word, exercise!

To those who hate to sweat: Yes, Vanderbilt and medical science has it in for you!

  1. Thanks Jean, I’m sure you’re right.
    Sorry for being so late with my response. Lots of personal stuff has been going on with me. My wife, Mary, had 2 surgeries, and one of my sisters went to see her maker. But, we are all doing well! Thanks again for your friendship and all you do for others.

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