Great news for kids!

Great news, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new Secretary of Education.

After the teachers spent millions of dollars to stop her desire, and the president’s efforts, to improve education she was confirmed and sworn in this afternoon.

Last year the National Education Association contributed $23.7 million and the American Federation of Teachers, $8.8 million to the democrats hoping to keep things the same. The Democrat’s vote against Betsy DeVos was not about children. Senate Democrats (and 2 Republicans) voted against DeVos to protect a monopoly that funds their campaigns, and protects a system that is failing our children.

Here’s their proof:
Just last month, a nonpartisan study by the federal Institute of Education Sciences revealed that the Obama administration School Improvement Grant (SIG) program failed to achieve any academic improvement for students... over 8 years! The program spent over $7 billion, the largest investment ever to help failing public schools. And it accomplished NOTHING.

Still, the Democrats in the Senate fought tooth and nail to preserve the status quo.

Betsy DeVos has spent much of her life pleading for kids in failing schools. She has spent millions of her own dollars to help kids abandoned and forgotten by the union bosses who just tried to defeat her. She believes every child deserves a chance to attend a school dedicated to academic excellence and she’s open to several pathways to get there including vouchers, charter schools, tax credits and more.

The United State and our current president have a real interest in seeing education reform become a reality. If we truly care about vulnerable children stuck in poverty, breaking the education monopoly that has failed millions of kids for decades education reform is a key first step.

If we are to improve education and give all kids the educational benefits afforded to those of wealth we need change. And to accomplish change we need change of administration. Betsy DeVos and President Trump are the beginning of that change. Let’s all get behind them and support them is all they do.

It breaks my heart to see the failing schools the poor kids often attend. I’m sure you all agree, something must be done. Let’s get at it! Help all kids get quality education.

Thank you President Trump
for nominating Mrs. DeVos and thank you senate for confirming her. And thank you God for making this happen!


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