Everyone needs a hero: Be one!

Iwo Jima (WWII)

As many of my readers know, I work part-time doing qualifying exams on military candidates. Last week I asked an 18 y/o man what interested him in joining the Army.

He smiled and said, “It’s in our family! Both my granddads, my uncles and my dad were all in. My Grandpa actually saved my uncle’s life.”

“Tell me more,” I urged.

With excitement in his voice he recalled the story I’m sure he had heard many times. “Grandpa was a Marine, and his brother was in the Army. They didn’t know they were on the same Vietnam battle field. Grandpa, was a medical corpsman, he saw a soldier get shot through his stomach. It went in this side,” he said, pointing to his left upper abdomen, “and went out this side,” he tapped his right side. “Before the soldier even hit the ground Grandpa was there and with gun-fire all around them, he pulled the wounded soldier by his feet to safety. It wasn’t until he stopped the bleeding that he noticed the soldier was his brother, my uncle.”

I wish you could have seen the pride in this grandson’s face. I reveled in it as I recalled how much kids want to be like the heroes who raised them and the rest of the family.

It also made me grateful once again for all those who serve or have served our great country. Thank every service man or woman you meet, and everyone who ever was your hero.

Know too, that you are your kids’ hero. We can’t all be the dramatic heroes this grandpa was, but kids really do have their parents on pedestals and they will become you. Be the person you want them to become!

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