Don’t drink your fruit; eat it!

Over the years we have all seen kids – infants to middle schoolers – sipping juice from one of those ubiquitous juice boxes, or worse, from a bottle! It was my observation that these “sippers” were likely to have more dental cavities and be overweight. If they were my patients their moms often explained that she was glad for the juice because they were poor eaters.

Earlier this summer, to my delight, the AAP issued a policy statement on juice and kids. Those of you who know me or regularly read my posts know that I don’t always agree with the AAP policies but this one hit it right on the head.

Not only does the policy dissuade giving kids juice, it also says water (yes, even tap water) is the best between meal fluid for keeping kids hydrated.Image result for child drinking water

They also liked fresh fruit as a replacement, after all, fruit is mostly water!Image result for Schoolboy Eating Fruit

The conclusions are:

AAP Daily Juice Recommendations - Infographic

To read the entire policy click here:

Read, enjoy, and follow; you and your kids will be happier, healthier and actually save quite a bit of money.

Forward to a friend or anyone you know who has kids. Especially if they play on a kids soccer or other sports team. They’ll thank you  and so will I!

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