Parenting today is no easy task but Tools for Effective Parenting can help. From years of raising his own children and caring for thousands of others Donahue has discovered some basic tools to make parenting easier and more effective.

The good news is that most parents already have these tools on hand but do not think of them as parenting helpers. Can peer pressure be a parenting tool? Donahue says it can. So can having a pet, going to church, and easiest of all, listening to your kids. He discusses these and nine other tools.

He uses touching, real life stories told to him by ordinary kids, to demonstrate just how these simple tools will be the answer to a parent’s prayers.

About Dr. Donahue

par aap sign  Many years of pediatric experience have taught Dr. Parnell Donahue that the unique   perspective of teens is an invaluable resource for parents who want their children to   become men and women of character.

His often frank discussions with teenagers cover topics familiar to parents – drugs,     sex, suicide, medical care, financial responsibility, self-image, religion, even the          importance of being nice – but with the added benefit of revealing how teens feel    about these and other subjects, and what teens perceive their parents feel about    those same issues.


Each teen’s true story reminds us that, despite appearances, our children carefully  watch everything we as parents say and do – and they Par lectureusually follow our lead. Dr. Donahue further reminds us that children want parents to teach good behavior at all times, “but use words only when necessary.”  He complements his discussions with medical insight that helps parents fully  comprehend the issues facing their teens. The result is a poignant and ofttimes  humorous discussion that challenges and usually changes parents’ perceptions of  modern teenagers.

At the right and below are some pics taken Sept 19, 2014, when the Tennessee  Chapter of the  American Academy of Pediatrics honored me as the  Senior  par and 4Pediatrician of the Year!  Wow, I was surprised, amazed, and believe  me,  humbled! The middle pic is of Dr.  Shelly Fiscus – Chapter president, next to me,  and two other people from the Chapter!

 What a wonderful surprise! My family and I enjoyed the dinner and the evening.